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Indian alphabet

Indian culture, tradition, belief, ancient education every thing has very core root of science. People in the ancient age studied cosmic science, physics, astrology and its repercussion on human body.

Every societal or religious rituals based on this studies. The common known are;

  1. Greeting with folded hand ‘Namaste’.
  2. Women wearing toe ring.
  3. applying kumkum on forehead.
  4. Throwing coins in a river.
  5. Handing a bell at the entrance of Temple.
  6. Applying Mehendi/Henna on hand.
  7. Sitting on floor and eat.
  8. Should not sleep with head towards North.
  9. Touching toe – Charansparsh.
  10. Worship Peepal tree / Tulsi plant.
    And the list goes on…

Like the same goes with the education. In todays time its rare to know Today’s generation may not be knowing that the alphabet of Indian languages is formed on base of science. Each letter of the alphabet has logic and is placed sequentially with counted calculations. Such a scientific perception will not be seen in other foreign languages.

Lets take a look at some group of alphabets….

 *क ख ग घ ઙ* – This group is called ‘kanthavya’. When we pronounce this letters, the sound comes out of the throat.  Try pronouncing.
 *च छ ज झ ઞ* – This group is called ‘palate’. Your tongue will feel palate, while pronouncing this.  Try pronouncing.
 *ट ठ ड ઢ ण* – This group is called ‘Murdhanya’ because while pronouncing this the tongue will feel Murdhanya.  Try pronouncing.
 *त थ द ध न* – These are called ‘Dantavya’, reason is, the tongue touches the teeth while pronouncing these.  Try it out.
 *प फ ब भ म* – These five are called ‘Aushthavya’. Here, lips meet while we pronounce this.  Give it a try.
Have you thought of this before?  Isn’t it fantastic scientific approach which being use in our day to day communication? Are we proud enough on our Indian language?

Let us spread and share this legacy with the world out there.

Namaste  🙏🏻


Published by Riddhi Shah

I have done my Master studies in Business Administration specialisation in Marketing. I have been associated with Advertising and Media management, Sales Promotions, offline and online Marketing, Content Writing, etc.

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